Global Flint Initiative; Our Promise

Our commitment to the Flint community is stronger than ever. ICGF is devoted to evaluating the needs of Flint's members from all around the globe. Careful consideration is being taken for the lives of the new incoming population, all in an effort to help build families in Flint.

A New Beginning For Flint!

On March 5th 2024, ICGF official launched its new campaign the "Global Flint Initiative." Focused on identifying places to improve in order to make Flint a better place for its international residents and visitors. Joined by Professors and Students alike, as well as many longstanding partners. This event was nothing short of a great success.

Read all about it in this article: The Global Flint Initiative


From Left to Right:
Kenneth Williams, Ph.D (Kettering), Jennifer Alvey, Ph.D (Michigan-Flint), Phyllis Sykes (ICGF), Emily Feuerherm (Michigan-Flint), Sasha Drummond-Lewis, Ph.D (Michigan-Flint)


From Left to Right:
Vivek Cherlapally (India), Sameer Bharatam (India), Phyllis Sykes (ICGF), Raqibul Islam (Bangladesh), Mukheshkumar Sivakumar (India)

Gateways for Growth Meet-up

On the last day of the Welcoming America's Welcoming Interactive ICGF's Phyllis Sykes was able to attend the Gateways for Growth Network Meet-up filled with communities from around the country.