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This channel will feature conversations about culture, lifestyles, travel, and living in a global community. During this season of cultural division and confusion, these conversations are more important that ever. Our hope is that we will learn that we have more in common than we know.

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Episode 6

"Soccer Is Making Waves In America"

This episode, ICGF's Phyllis Sykes talks with soccer strategist Chris Burtley. The two native Flint residents chat about all the potential soccer has to in the United States and the impact it can have on Flint, Mi.

Episode 5

"The Spotlights on Detroit for the upcoming Welcoming America Conference"

In this episode, ICGF's Phyllis Sykes has a conversation with Steve Tobocman of Global Detroit, on the future plans of Detroit and where the Michigan is headed as a whole.

Episode 4

"Hear about unknown advantages Americans have from an educator in Spain"

In this episode, ICGF's Phyllis Sykes has a conversation with Maria Lopez De Bayas, A fulbright resident from Spain about her first time visit to the US and Flint, Michigan.

Episode 3

"The Making of a Multicultural Vibrant Community"

In this episode, ICGF's Phyllis Sykes gets interviewed by late great Brenda Perryman. Learn about the steps organizations in Flint are taking to welcome the international community, and what you have to look forward to in the next couple of years in Flint.

Episode 2

"South Africa to Flint a Joint Venture"

In this episode, South African delegate Babalo Ntozonke gets interviewed by ICGF's Phyllis Sykes. Experience the emotions of making a trip into America, and the wonders of what it's like going from watching movies in Africa to the real streets of the Flint city. Watch as she shares her story on witnessing the American cultural phenomenons.

Episode 1

"Mobilizing for the Census in Pandemic Times"

In this episode, ICGF's Phyllis Sykes hosts a discussion between Adil Mohammed (of American Muslim Community Services), Asa Zucarro (of the Latinx Technology & Community Center), and Devin Bathish (of the Arab American Heritage Council). Tune into a conversation about how the pandemic is digitally shaping census outreach, how distribution centers around the city are becoming places for language inclusion, and how these organizations are bringing to light a need for more focused civic engagement that reaches the city's disenfranchised.